To Be a Yogi or Not To Be…

So…  I haven’t done many fitness posts in a while but I have still be quite active.

I acquired a FitBit not long ago and since then aka late January I’ve been having lots of fun keeping track of my ‘steps.’  I have the Charge HR which helps better understand my heart rate and has an amazing alarm that has the perfect buzz to help me wake up.  According to the American Heart Association walking 10,000 steps+ daily can help reduce your risk of heart disease aka number one killer of humans.  This is much harder than it looks and the FitBit offers the chance to join ‘challenges’ that can be weekly or daily with friends, family, and coworkers.  I absolutely love being kept accountable when at work or even at home.  Try it!

Crossfit – back at it about 3-5x/week since January and super happy.  For two years I was strictly doing the Crossfit Powerlifting segment and got pretty bored so I went back to the basics.  My strength is much improved as well as my cardiovascular endurance (total bonus).  The negative includes shredding my hands on my first week back but then again I should have known to pumice it up in the shower the night before.

As many know, I’m pretty busy and tend to have trouble winding down, so after much thought, contemplation, and disagreements, I started doing yoga about once weekly.  It is a good way to stay grounded – literally.  My stability is on point but can clearly get better along with my flexibility which definitely needs a boost.  I’m loving the local classes at Mobile Om due their plan to take yoga out of the typical studio with four walls and popping up at unconventional spots like the Hays Street Bridge.

As a trainer I also like to put together my own workouts that include various plyometric and core movements.  My goal is to have a strong core as well as to continue improving my endurance through various movements which include those I detest (tuck jumps, jumping split lunges, 5K runs, and obviously burpees).  Check out my Workouts for the Modern Workaholic’ for ideas.


Post-yoga feels at the Hays Street Bridge.

Here’s a sample of what my fitness regimen looked like last week (Monday, February 29th – Sunday, March 6th):

Monday:  5:30 am Crossfit class (60 minutes) – 9,138 steps

Tuesday:  4 pm Crossfit class (60 minutes) – 7, 412 steps

Wednesday:  5:30 am Crossfit class (60 minutes) – 10,253 steps

Thursday:  Plyometrics and Core Work (45 minutes) – 7,300 steps

Friday:  Plyometrics and Core Work (45 minutes) – 8, 604 steps

Saturday:  Stairmaster (20 minutes) in the morning followed by a 90 minute hike at Eisenhower Park – 16,069 steps

Sunday:  Yoga class (60 minutes) – 11,223 steps

The takeaway, I’m trying to illustrate is that no matter what you do, stay active, it is rewarding.  You will feel phenomenal.  Let go of your fears, forget about others, forget about winning/losing, and concentrate on being the best version of yourself.  Also, make a fool of yourself sometimes and laugh – I sure do, everyday.

xxx – Sarah

2 responses

    • Hi Jessica,

      Love your comment! It’s so simple – stay active and you’ll stay happy!

      I do not work at a gym as a trainer. I have provide individuals with online workouts. If they are local to the San Antonio, Texas area we meet at a site of their choice or my facility.

      Happy Monday!

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