Workouts for the Modern Workaholic – Session #2

As previously mentioned these workouts are short with a focus on a specific body part with others mixed in for an extra oomph.  The workouts can be done at your own pace or you can use the suggested pace for maximum effect.  This workout has a primary focus on the various muscles of the back.  If you are unsure about how to safely complete each exercise or do not feel that you can do it in its’ entirety – ask for modifications!

This workout uses a few modalities to get the heart pumping; some to name include tabata, speed sets, and supersets.  In other words, this workout is sure to get the blood pumping.  The exercises done in the workout are to be done quickly with no more than 60 seconds between each movement.  Now if you are like me and like to move rather than do steady cardio (running, biking, elliptical, etc.) this workout acts as ‘cardio’ by keeping your body moving.

Centered 1-Arm Plank with Single Arm Dumbbell Row - Exercise #1

Set-up for Exercise #1: Centered 1-Arm Plank with Single Arm Dumbbell Row

**All sets in this workout are to start with a light to medium weight for the first set and then progress in weight without compromising form or remain with a challenging weight.

**Speed sets should be done with no rest until all the sets and reps are completed.  Non-speed exercises and their sets should have no more than a 60 second rest.  When moving from exercise to exercise keep the rest no more than 60 seconds.  The supersets can have a 60 second rest before starting up the second or third set in the series.

Tabata Warm-up:  Speed Skaters – 3 sets (60 seconds on, 30 seconds off)

Exercise #1:  Centered 1-Arm Plank with Single Arm Dumbbell Row – 3 sets (12/12/12)

Exercise #2 – Superset:  Abdominal Concentration Crunches – 3 sets (25/25/25) and Single Leg Bridge Glute Lift (video) – 3 sets (25/25/25)

Exercise #3 – Speed Set:  Side Plank Hip Dips (video) – 3 sets with 10 reps on each side with a 10-second hold

Exercise #4:  Bent Knee Underhand Low Barbell Rows – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

Exercise #5:  Cable Rope High Row Pulls – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

Exercise #6:  Parallel Lat Pull Down – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

Exercise #7:  Seated Machine Rear Delt Fly – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

Exercise #8 – Superset:  Stability Ball Abdominal Pikes – 3 sets (10/10/10) and Resistance Band Pull-Aparts – 3 sets (10/10/10)

(Bonus Lab:  Hydrate with 20-40 ounces of water during the workout!  Remember, you must replenish what you lose in sweat!  The key to hydration is to drink before/during/after exercise.)

xxx – Sarah

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