Where have I been?!

Hello!  So it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote.  Life has been a roller coaster but I learned something along the way in regards to balance which I plan to share.  Fitness has always been a huge part of my life but as I get busier and busier it gets harder to incorporate ‘gym’ style workouts.

Therefore I’ve reset my mentality around working out and have created a ‘fluid’ model of fitness.  What does ‘fluid’ mean?  It means that fitness that is not just at the gym but it is being active throughout the day whether it is taking the stairs to the ninth level on the parking garage, obtaining 12,000 steps daily, or even trying a new way to sweat.  I’ve begun to enjoy is challenging myself in areas of fitness that I am NOT good at – this includes yoga and running.

So the breakdown of my current regimen is the following, but in no apparent order, rather the goal is to fit this into my busy schedule:

  • Weight lifting workouts:
    • Day 1: Shoulder/Tricep/Abs
    • Day 2: Back/Chest
    • Day 3: Legs/Glutes
  • Yoga once weekly (usually Friday evenings): I have realized I love Vinyasa since it is a lot of balance and stretching which I’m terrible with PLUS it gives me a chance to wind down from the craziness of my job.
  • Running (currently half marathon prep style) about two or three days per week with distance being added each week.
  • Swimming once weekly with a Master’s program which is awesome since I used to do this but competitively so now it’s actually FUN – on a serious note, no one ever looks good in a one piece Speedo.

xxx – Sarah

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