Watermelon Nectar Pops – Serves 8

Are you slacking in your hydration?  This is a super cool way to bump up your hydration with a side of antioxidants.  Watermelon is a fruit that not only has a high water content but is high in lycopene which is a carotenoid antioxidant (aids in bone density, prevention of certain cancers, protects/aids in prevention of eye disorders, and much more).  This antioxidant is in most yellow, orange, and red fruits or vegetables.  When compared to a tomato – watermelon wins!  In my opinion it wins not only in the antioxidant category but in taste as well!  Now nectarines… This is another fruit favorite.  They are also known as ‘stone fruits.’ Their peel is edible and their pit is almond-shaped.  Food experts often say that they have a slight almond flavor and that is why they often are paired with almonds.

This dessert like refresher combines my two favorite fruits at the height of their ripeness.  After buying both fruits I usually let them sit on the counter at room temperature for 2-3 days before utilizing for a dish.  The best way to test for ripeness is based on the softness of the skin and aroma emitted from the fruit.

Basil is best to obtain in the summer – better hurry and grab some since the dog days of summer are nearly over.  Basil often pairs well with sweet or savory dishes adding nutrients, color, and enhancing flavor.  Basil is a herb that is best utilized uncooked allowing flavor to be retained.  Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of this recipe that requires cooking.

Awesome Bed Bath & Beyond Find

Tovolo Pop Mold – Awesome B/B/B find!


  • 1 small seedless watermelon (ripe) – sliced sans the rind
  • 1 nectarine (ripe) – sliced
  • 2-3 sprigs of basil (fresh/1-2 days post store or market purchase) – remove the leaves from the sprigs


  1. Utilizing a blender – add all the ingredients.
  2. Puree well until uniformly one solid color.
  3. Transfer the liquid into a popsicle mold and freeze for 3+ hours.
    1. I utilized the ‘Tovolo Pop Mold’ easily found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and if you’ve got one of those awesome 10% or 20% coupons, then there’s nothing stopping you from making this super easy treat.
  4. Remove from the freezer and run under hot water prior to service to remove the mold.
  5. Serve as the fireworks are popping or at the start of the kickoff.
  6. If you’re looking to be a little adventurous – add about 2 tbsp Tito’s Handmade Vodka to the puree mixture and freeze overnight – the vodka can impair the freezing but thats where a tsp or two of gelatin helps firm up the product OR just serve as a slushy in a solo cup… 😉

xxx – Sarah

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