Just a simple chest/cardio workout… hmph

Quick workouts are my forte if you have not figured that out by now.  It is important to keep moving but not to get lazy!  Make the most of your time and do it right!  All exercises below were repeated four times.  Here’s the workout:

  • SUPERSET #1:  Bodyweight pushups on backside of bosu (AMRP) & FitBall dumbbell chest flys (20/15/10/5 reps with the weight increasing each set)
  • SUPERSET #2:  Incline dumbbell chest press (12 reps) & 30 second burpees (FAST)
  • SUPERSET #3:  Decline bench barbell press (12 reps) & decline bench sit ups (20)
  • Abdominal pikes on FitBall (15)
  • Stairmaster -> 20 minutes (increasing the speed every 5 minutes; end at the fastest speed)

xxx – Sarah

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