Work that booty

Today’s leg workout was awesome.  I added in some new exercises that I have not done in a long, long time and it was definitely the right move.  It is good to constantly revamp your workouts to keep your body “guessing.”  I like to call this “exercise distortion” because when your body is not used to something the movement/exercise acts as a shock.  Keep your workouts interesting by trying and incorporating some or all of these exercises into your exercise routines.  All exercises are to be repeated FOUR times (ie. repeat each superset FOUR times).

  • Superset #1:  Narrow leg stance dumbbell squats (10/12/14/16 reps) & wide leg stance air squats (20 reps)
  • Superset #2:  Weighted hack squat machine (10 reps) & running up/down the stairs 6 times (scalable based upon your facility) OR do knee touches for 1 minute
  • Superset #3:  Calf raise machine (15 reps) & lying down hamstring curl machine
  • Superset #4:  Butt blaster (12 reps each leg) & fit ball ‘Swiss ball knee tuck-in’s’ otherwise known as ‘jackknife’ (15 reps) -> this is a great website that outlines how to do the previously mentioned abdominal exercise (
  • Superset #5:  Reverse bridge/plank (hold for 1 minute) & kettle bell abdominal twists (20 reps)

Happy Wednesday!  

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