Shoulder Power!

Today’s workout was nice and fast!  All sets were supersets and rest time was minimal!  All sets were composed of 20 repetitions therefore choose a weight that you can use for all 4 sets without having to decrease/increase the weight!  A total of 480 repetitions will be completed at the end!  ENJOY 🙂

  • SUPERSET #1:  Seated dumbbell shoulder press & standing rear delt dumbbell fly
  • SUPERSET #2:  Seated lateral dumbbell raise & standing dumbbell front raise
  • SUPERSET#3:  Standing upright dumbbell rows & bicycle/abdominal crunches 

Optional  :::  Hit the cardiovascular machines for 30 minutes to obtain your daily dose of ideal exercise which is a mixture of both  cardiovascular and weight training totaling 60 minutes!

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