Work that back!

Most people dread doing leg exercises at the gym – I dread back.  This workout was quick and fun.  It can be done with a partner which means you can switch back and forth between exercises when doing each superset which makes time fly.  

All exercise sets were repeated four times with 20 repetitions which is a nice and easy number to remember.  In other words, 7 exercises results in 28 sets of intensity.  Rest time between sets within each superset should be minimal.  

  • SUPERSET #1:  Barbell Romanian deadlift & barbell bent over row
  • SUPERSET #2:  Wide grip lat pull downs & close grip rows (cable machine for both)
  • SUPERSET #3:  Bicycle crunches, back hyperextensions with/or without a weight, and hanging leg raises

Get to work it’s time to work YOUR back!  

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