Running to Change

Running has never been my strong suit…  I’ve always been a die-hard swimmer.  Since my shoulder injury swimming has taken the back burner for the past 5 years now.  Weight training has become a new passion of mine, and I love it, but while my shoulder is recovering from my recent surgery it is time for cardio/cardio/cardio!  This past September I tried by first 5K with my friend Sarah – I loved it.  Since then I’ve done 3, the grand total thus far stands at 4, and each time kicks my butt.  Now I’m preparing for some runs this upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 along with a Tough Mudder.  To do so I’ve started running indoors (especially now since it has started snowing outside).

Today’s Running Workout

  • 10 minutes moderate speed walking at a 3.5 – 4.0 speed on a flat plane
  • 20 minutes running at 5.8 – 7.5 speed with a 1.5 incline (pacing myself out)
  • 20 minutes running at 5.8 – 6.5 speed with a 3.0 incline
  • 10 minutes speed walking at a 3.7 – 4.5 speed with an incline of 12.0

***As always after any workout – consume a protein laden beverage upon completion but do not neglect your complex carbohydrates.

Today I opted for a shake with 1-scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp dry oats, and 1 tsp cinnamon – yum!

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