Shop with a purpose

Sunday is right around the corner…  Typically this day is ‘prep’ day for the week.  To me it involves cooking some items to use for lunch during the week and to buy all the necessary goods!

Shopping for food can be tricky since everywhere you look you are constantly bombarded with choices!  There is so much – the advertising and store layout of items does not make it easy to say NO or to stick to the original list!  I have listed some tips below to help you get in and out in speedy fashion without purchasing the unnecessary!

  • Eat prior to your shopping trip so you do not have ‘hungry eyes’
  • Chew gum when at the store
  • Stick to foods in the perimeter of the store (see below to learn about perimeter shopping)
  • Give yourself a time limit for shopping – make it a race and get out quick
  • Have a bottle of water ready in the car to drink to prevent any urges to go back


  1. Head to the fresh produce section (fruits and vegetables – select amounts that will allow you to consume  9-11 servings/day).
  2. Skip the baked goods and head to the meat counter to select lean cuts of meat for the week which can be frozen.
  3. If you are consuming dairy: Walk to this section next and get what is needed (otherwise skip it).
  4. Head to the frozen food section and select what you did not get from sections 1 and 2.
  5. On your way out grab necessary hydration beverages, oils, and nuts since they are generally placed in the aisles closest to the checkout section.
  6. Now you’re at the checkout – grab a magazine and read while loading your stuff for cashier.
  7. Set aside your shopping cart and walk out with your bagged goods – work those biceps 🙂

Try these shopping tips…  You’ll never know how to shop until you have a map of your grocery list planned out.  Just like planning a driving route, planning your shopping trip will save time and pounds, now go shop sensibly!

xxx – Sarah

One response

  1. Fantastic post. I will definitely be referring my clients to your website and will use this latest resource for overeaters/those struggling with weight loss.
    Cheers from London and hope to see you back here soon!!!
    – Mason

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