Running and pushing for those who cannot

Yesterday I ran my first 5k since arriving in Chicago…  Not the best of times but I did place in my age category!  Sometimes going outside of the usual gym routine and outdoor activities can be a great way to get out of a rut or plateau.  This race showed me that I am slacking a bit in the endurance area where running is concerned.  Time to improve – there’s always room for improvement!

The race was for the Les Turner ALS Foundation (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).  Prior to the race there was a speech given by Kaylynn Van Driest.  She quoted from Lou Gehrig’s famous 1939 speech and her words were unforgettable.  The meaning of the race as I interpreted it stuck with me the whole time: Us, those that are ‘able bodied’ are running for those who cannot, our strength is shown through our voluntary actions and willpower to reach the finish line.  

Here’s the chest/cardio workout for today…  All supersets are to be completed 4 times with the weight increasing with each consecutive set.

  • Superset #1:  Run .5 at medium pace followed by 10 pushups and repeat 4 times
  • Superset #2:  Flat bench chest flys with dumbbells (10 repetitions) & Leg raises (bodyweight; 15 repetitions)
  • Superset #3:  Incline bench press machine (10 repetitions) & Bosu plank transverse abdominal crunches (elbow to knee; 20 repetitions)
  • Superset #4:  Decline bench press with dumbbells (10 repetitions) & 10 burpees

Bosu plank transverse abdominal crunches, ‘the how to’:  Turn the bosu over so that the curved side is on the bottom.  Using the two grips on the flat side – get into a straight arm plank formation.  Once in form, the goal is to twist picking up each knee to reach the opposite elbow and repeat.

Get your sweat on!

xxx – Sarah

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