Let’s mix it up! @#$%^&*!@#$%^&*

Tomorrow I am moving to Chicago, IL…  This means a 2-day trip and a hiatus from the gym for a little while.  Emphasis on a ‘little while’ which translates into a week since I will be unpacking / shopping / starting a new job / etc.

The workout completed today was a nice mix of three body parts – chest, legs, and abs.  Right now… I’m hurtin’ and lovin’ it!

  • SUPERSET#1 (repeated 6x):  Chest press flat bench with baseline bar which is usually 45# (10 reps), stairclimbers (40 movements), & Roman chair leg raises (10 reps)
  • SUPERSET#2 (repeated 4x):  Running up and down the stairs (3 runs up/down) & incline press machine (15 reps)
  • SUPERSET #3 (repeated 4x):  Hamstring curl with FitBall (10 reps), dumbbell chest flys (10 reps), & kettlebell swings (12-15 reps)
  • SUPERSET #4 (repeated 4x):  Leg press machine with medium-stance (10 reps) & air jump squats (10 reps)
  • SUPERSET #5 (repeated 4x):  Lying hamstring curl machine (12 reps) & 1-minute non-stop jump rope rounds

Change is good… Throw your body a curve and try this workout.

xxx – Sarah

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