Peace out FLAB – time to work those fabulous arms of yours!

Want to sculpt your arms?  Here’s a quick-paced workout that does wonders!  Sometimes I do triceps and biceps on different days BUT then sometimes I do them together – what a crazy thought.  All exercises were repeated four times.  The exercise sets within each superset should have minimal-to-no rest.  Between supersets keep your rest time minimal (under 5 minutes).

  • SUPERSET #1:  One-arm dumbbell triceps extension (15 repetitions each arm) & barbell “21’s” (15 repetitions)
  • SUPERSET#2:  Dumbbell hammer curls (both arms at the same time; 15 repetitions) and body weight bench dips (20 repetitions)
  • SUPERSET #3:  Rope triceps pushdown (15 repetitions), lying straight leg raises (15 repetitions), & rear felt machine (15 repetitions)
  • SUPERSET #4:  Kettlebell abdominal twists (20 repetitions) & TRX abdominal knee crunches (15 repetitions)

End with some cardio!!!  Rock that soreness tomorrow. 🙂

xxx – Sarah


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