Might be odd but… shoulders are my favorite body part

Today was a late day for me but I finally got my bum to the gym.  I focused on a mix of shoulder exercises supersetted with cardiovascular and abdominal exercises.

  • Shoulder press machine (used outside handles then SUPERSETTED with inside handles)  -> 3 sets, 12&12/10&10/8&8/6&6 repetitions – weight was the same for the 1st two sets then went up the last 2 sets
  • Decline abdominal crunches with front plate raises -> 2 sets, 25 repetitions (made the motions of a front raise on the 1st set and on the 2nd used a 10# plate)
  • Side dumbbell lateral raises and front raises (ie. front/side/front) -> 4 sets, 12 repetitions SUPERSETTED with jump rope for 45 seconds (fast) -> 4 sets
  • Shoulder shrugs with dumbbells -> 3 sets, 20 repetitions (heavy weight)
  • Fit Ball Abdominal Roll Crunches -> 3 sets, 15 repetitions SUPERSETTED with jump rope for 30 seconds (fast) -> 3 sets

This workout was fast-paced and completed in 30-minutes.  I kept the rest period minimal and the weights of the exercises were challenging.  In overall, it was a great workout and I got home with time to spare to complete the rest of the items on my “To-Do” list.

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