Get Those Legs Moving

Not everyone is a morning person…  I’m not but I’ve trained myself into a ‘fake’ morning person.  I’ve noticed that when I workout early, my energy level is much higher, and my coffee intake is lower.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet or in my case not snooze a thousand times – just get up and get moving! 

Nothing screams Monday better than working your legs. Try the workout below for an extra oomph and challenge yourself.  I promise you’ll feel the burn tomorrow.

Warm-up: Air Squats; 25 reps, 3 sets

Exercise #1: Shoulder Width Smith Squats; 10 reps, 3 sets (add weight each time)

Exercise #2: Barbell Good Mornings; 15 reps, 4 sets (increase weight each time)

Exercise #3: Seated Leg Extension; 15/12/10/8 reps, 4 sets (increase the weight each time)

Exercise #4: Medicine Ball Abdominal Twists; 30 reps, 3 sets

Exercise #5: Lying Leg Curl; 15 reps, 4 sets

Triple Superset/Exercise #6: Leg Press – wide stance (10 reps), feet together at the middle (10 reps), and toes/calf raises (25 reps) x 4 sets

Exercise #7: Decline abdominal sit-up; 15 reps, 3 sets


Walk it off, shake it off, and strut it off… 


xxx – Sarah


Workouts for the Modern Workaholic – Session #3

The week is almost over which means time to sleep in a bit longer, have an extra glass of wine or dirty martini, and get a cupcake or two…  There’s nothing better than a good workout as the week ends.  This is a short and sweet but powerful workout with a serious kick that’ll last after its over!  This workout like the two before it focuses on a specific body part with others mixed in – today’s focus is muscles of the leg.

**All sets in this workout are to start with a light to medium weight for the first set and then progress in weight without compromising form or remain with a challenging weight.

**Speed sets should be done with no rest until all the sets and reps are completed. Non-speed exercises and their sets should have no more than a 60 second rest. When moving from exercise to exercise keep the rest no more than 60 seconds. The supersets can have a 60 second rest before starting up the second or third set in the series.

Tabata Warm-up:  Side Skaters (60 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 3 rounds)

Exercise #1:  Smith Shoulder Stance Squats – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

Exercise #2 – Superset:  Seated Single Leg Extension with Leg Extension Machine – 4 sets (15/12/10/8) and Seated Leg Curl – 3 sets (15/12/10/8)

Exercise #3:  Standing Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

(Methodology:  Stand slightly less than shoulder width with a bend at the knees and come straight down with the dumbbells until a pull at the hamstrings is felt then come straight back up.  Keep the tempo the same as you ascend and descend – 1-2-3 then 1-2-3)

Exercise #4:  Concentration Split Lunges with Dumbbells – 4 sets (15/12/10/8)

(Methodology:  Lunge straight forward with one leg and complete the recommended lunges then switch legs – this allows for isolation allowing for a greater impact on each leg)

Exercise #5 – Tabata Speed Set:  1) Elevated Straight Arm Plank, 2) Bicycle Crunches, and 3) Weighted Stability Ball Crunches

(Methodology:  60 seconds at each station then rotate until a total of 6 minutes are achieved aka 3 sets at each station.)

(Bonus Lab:  Remember to keep your rests between sets and exercises short and sweet.)

xxx – Sarah