Time to Become the Best You Possible

So if you’re like me then you’re on a lifelong journey to achieve optimal wellness that is constantly changing due to new information.  The key is to obtain information from a trustworthy source – always look at the background of the individual and his/her services to see if it fits with your goals but pay attention to education and the mission.

As a professional I have learned there is not one solution for achieving your goals nor one template.  If you are looking to make improvements, changes, and/or modifications to your life – contact me today for a free consultation.

Consultation – FREE

30 minute nutrition counseling, goal planning, grocery shopping, or education session – $35/person/session

60 minute nutrition counseling, goal planning, grocery shopping, or customized nutrition education session – $65/person/session

***All the above options can be in-person if the geography is right!  Otherwise other methods will be utilized.

INITIAL MONTHLY PLANS (+ free initial consultation):

  • Menu meal plan and diet framework – $100
  • Workout plan – $100
  • Meal and workout regimen – $150

EXTENDED MONTHLY PLANS/CHANGES TO MONTHLY PLANS (done on a weekly and monthly basis):

  • Menu meal planning – $50
  • Workout plan – $40
  • Meal/workout regimen – $65


30 minute session: $25/person/session

60 minute session: $50/person/session

***Payments are non-refundable

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