Cinnamon Cold Press Treat – Serves 1

We all have vices or guilty pleasures – mine is coffee.  I absolutely love coffee and it is a staple in my daily routine.  Lately I have been so busy that I am unable to stop at Starbucks or at the local coffee haunts by my house (Commonwealth, Local, or Rosella) so I have started packing my own to go.  My poison of choice is cold coffee – sometimes hot but with the warm weather approaching an iced beverage is ideal.  Now that I am preparing my coffee at home I am getting creative with what I put in and so far this is the winning combination…

Before I give away my beverage secrets I must share some facts about my favorite ingredient… Cinnamon is a great spice and is shelf stable for about 2-3 years as long as it is sealed well.  Just a single teaspoon of cinnamon contains 6 calories and 1.4 grams of fiber – if you are low in fiber intake then this is a great low-calorie addition. It is a great addition to cereals/, desserts, fruit dishes, spicy dishes, and beverages due to its sweet aroma.



  • 4-ounces, cold press coffee – my favorites are Chameleon which I usually obtain from Whole Food’s Market or HEB (Black Coffee Concentrate or Mocha Coffee Concentrate) and Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee
  • 4-8 ounces, water (depends how strong you want your coffee)
  • 1-1.5 Tbsp, cinnamon
  • 1-2 drops, liquid stevia (in moderation)
  • Handful cubes, ice


  1. In a mason jar with a lid or shaker – combine: coffee concentrate (follow the recommended amount on the jar which is usually 4-ounces per person), water, cinnamon, stevia, and ice.
  2. If you are serving more than one person, multiply the number of people you are providing caffeine for by the serving amount for each ingredient.***
  3. Shake well and enjoy.
  4. Or if you want a blended ice beverage – whip out your blender and blend away!

xxx – Sarah

One response

  1. Great recipe. Remember also that cinnamon is a very important ingredient for prediabetics and diabetics as it helps to lower blood sugar levels.

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