Strengthen those legs!

Your body is like a frame.  It is important to work on each aspect – not just focusing on only one or two problems.  If you focus on problem or certain areas then you are more likely to injury yourself or create an ‘uneven’ look.  Leg day… Hmph.  Some people love working this body part and others do not.  Sometimes I dread leg day  but today I was ready to face the walking lunges.  Today’s workout was awesome and I’m still standing.

All exercises were repeated four times and consisted of repetitions in the pattern of 15/12/15/12.  The key is to do these exercises fast with little to no break to allow for a cardiovascular feel.  The workout should last no more than 30-45 minutes.  Choose two weights – the lighter is to be used during the first two sets and the heavier during the last two sets.  

  • Walking lunges with a barbell above your shoulders (wide stance)
  • SUPERSET ALERT :: Knee-to-Elbow planks and Lying Down Side Leg Raises (2 sets – one for each leg)
  • Sumo Squats with 1-single Dumbbell
  • SUPERSET ALERT :: Weighted Glute Press & Bodyweight Donkey Kickbacks/Hip Extension Kickbacks (2 sets – one for each leg) 
  • SUPERSET ALERT :: 1-minute Jumping Jacks & Weighted Leg Curl Machine
  • Weighted Leg Press Machine (narrow stance)
  • Calf raises on Weighted Leg Press Machine

Don’t forget to stretch, hydrate, and hit the sauna/shower for a good steam!

xxx – Sarah

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